Sowing Seeds of Tumani (SoSeTu) works with rural farmers to build their capacity in nursery management, crop management, handling during and post-harvest management. The majority of these farmers are involved in subsistence farming and keep recycling the seeds for planting. We are networking with high quality seed companies to ensure that our farmers get quality seeds which can increase their production but most importantly increase their income.

We not only make all effort to ensure that these farmers get access to the markets at favorable prices, but we also gather information on the available agricultural credit facilities that are available for them.  We also support them to draft documents that can assist them in acquiring credit. We are working on a program where we have community projects that do provide the seeds and agricultural inputs while the farmers provide the labour and once the produce is sold, the organization takes a percentage of the profits which is reinvested in the project to continuously provide steady production and supply for the market.

SoSetu is working to eradicate the vicious poverty and debt cycle that has engulfed these farmers which has also led to the collapse of their village saving SACCOS.

Through our programs, we provide an end to end solution and emphasize good the quality visa-vis quantity of the produce which will sustain the market and ensure a steady price; this will result in the improvement of the standard of living of these communities.