What We Do

SST Uganda strives to give rural communities Ugandan the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty and initiate sustainable change in their communities. We organize and oversee a diverse collection of projects in the service of this goal, including the following:

• Legal Aid Advisory Services – We provide free legal advice to these rural women regarding transactions that they have had or hope to have in the future. We are also helping them draft simple contracts that they can use when dealing with buyers of their produce. We also draft for them lease agreements for the land that they are renting specifically putting their interests first. We also educate them on their rights as farmers and the different seeds on the market and the adverse effects of planting these GMO seeds. SST is working with women in different areas to help them form groups which will help them bargain better and also as a way to get loans from companies that can assist them with farming equipment. These groups can also help them save and also do community projects together.

• Complete Food Chain. In order to ensure that the women benefit from agriculture we work closely with them to ensure that they plant quality seeds and have the right pesticides and all the right farming equipment to enable meet their targets in terms of yields. We are also partnering with companies that can supply to these women the seeds as well the farming equipment on hire purchase or at a very low interest rate. In addition we are also doing research on the market so that we can partner with exporters and buyers of fresh foods as well as restaurants and hotels that we can guarantee these women a constant market for their produce.

What is the right to food

The right to food is a human rights protecting the right for people to feed themselves in dignity, implying that sufficient food is available, that people have the means to access it and that it adequately meets the individuals dietary needs. The rights of food protect the right of all human beings to be free from hunger, food security and malnutrition.

The aim of SSTs complete food chain program is to improve livelihoods through combined financial and technical assistance for rural women and youth with empowerment and training programs and engaging them in their development processes. Under economic empowerment, focus is put on food security and nutrition, agribusiness, livestock rearing and micro credit. Emphasis is put on capacity building in sustainable agriculture. SST focuses on improving food production through improving farming practices, harvesting techniques, value addition, marketing and business management.

Promoting Education in the community

Many of the women in these communities were married off at an early age and therefore don’t appreciate the value of education today. We are working closely with them to give them the basics of education so that they have better bargaining power in today’s world and also so that they can communicate easily with the outside world. Part of the training’s include the use of the internet and different social media platforms where they can share views and solutions with women all over the world.

We are also creating reading clubs for the children so they are able to interact and have a culture of reading. Through this cub we shall work hand in hand with volunteers so that they children are encouraged to participate in essay writing competitions and also act in plays.

Teaching girls in the community about menstrual hygiene. Most girls in rural areas are disadvantaged because they cannot access the basic requirements like pads and therefore end up dropping put of school and getting married at an early age. As SST we teach these girls about menstrual hygiene and also provide them with reusable pads that they can use for at least a year. By doing this we are making sure that the girls stay in school and get an education.

Having been fortunate to study in an enabling environment and being blessed to having graduated from law school the founders of this organization are very passionate about vulnerable girls in rural communities. They are working closely with the community schools to ensure that the girls are encouraged to go to school and that they have all the basic needs for a quality education.

• Mentoring the youth through sports

There are so many youth who have failed to complete their education due to various factors and they have turned to football as a way to kill time. Many of these boys are very talented ad have the passion for football. We have partnered with SAFY an organization that works with youth and mentors them through sports and other programs.