Our Story

SoSeTu’s story started with three founders, two lawyers and one engineer. The three turned to farming to supplement on their incomes. Between them they grew crops ranging from Cucumbers, cabbages,maize, Onions, watermelons for the local market and hot pepper, egg plants and bird eye chilli for the export market. Having been disappointed by the lack of regulation in both the local and export market, extreme discrimination by the middle men and business men and lack of information on how to boost their production, they resorted to doing research themselves and work with rural communities who are the most vulnerable to discrimination by the business men.

Agriculture contributes highly to Uganda’s GDP with 70% of the produce from the rural communities and yet the National budget provides only 5% to this sector. In addition without price and market controls by the Government, the  businessmen take advantage of the farmers on product prices. Besides there are various players from across the boarders like Rwanda and Kenya who have mastered the art of agriculture production with products of higher quality compared to our produce.

Collectively, the founders envisioned the need to provide information on nursery to post harvest management for these farmers so as to ensure production of high quality produce as not only an efffort to boost their income but also be able to compete favorably in the market that is being dominated by other players from Kenya and Rwanda.

Since the founders lived and farmed in the areas of Buikwe and Mukono, they identified these communities and understood their challenges and also noticed their potential, hence Sowing Seeds of Tumaini was founded to ensure high quality and quantity produce in the market.